Creative Angels Child Care Center 

Where Every Child Is Creative In Their Own Way

Creative Angels Childcare Services  Infants-12 years NC

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Your Child here at Creative Angels is our #1 Priority!!!!!!!!!                                                             

Infants & Toddlers Your Child, is Our Top Priority.

Nurturing and care. Safety and security. Our priorities for your child are the same as yours.

At Creative Angels, we know that highly responsive care early in life is critical to your child’s long-term social and academic development. So in our safe daycare environment your baby will not only be loved and cared for, but our highly trained teachers will stimulate your baby’s cognitive, emotional, and physical development.



Educational Programs

Toddler Programs (Ages 1-2) During their time with us your child will learn to count, discover writing and  music, and start building toward following simple instructions, and potty.


 Program (Ages 3)

Literacy activities include identifying rhyming words and creating group stories on the flannel board. Math activities focus on positional words, identifying and creating shapes, and on measuring.


Pre- K Program (Ages 4 & 5)

* We focus on reading, early writing, basic math skills, art, music and physical education. Get the kids to say and write ABC, SHAPES, COLORS,  etc  which is their senior years of daycare and pre-school Your child will gain independence while getting ready for the transition to kindergarten with a more organized environment. 


Before/ After- School (Ages 5 - 12)

We OFFER  transportation to and from local area schools.  Each van driver is CPR and First Aid certified, has a clean driving record. Upon arrival from school each day, your child will receive a snack and can participate in any of the activities available at the center.  Outside playtime will be available for children on their own playground.  Opportunity to do homework, as well as tutoring is available.


Tutor Center Programs- Just need help with homework or anything dealing with school instead of childcare we have tutors available to help your child with their needs and the child will come in the center to have a snack and then they will have someone there by their side to help

with homework and projects. Supervised access to I-Pads and Computers. Many to offer.

We have a family atmospher

We have a family style atmosphere & relationship between our Parents, Staff and Children. Creative Angels focus on six opportunities for learning.

1. Physical (nutrition, hygiene)

2. Emotional (building relationships, adapting to others, self-esteem and self-control)

3. Social (making friends, understanding rules and manners)

4. Motor Skills (fine motor skills- writing, hand/eye coordination, ... gross motor skills- climbing, running and playing)

5. Language (conversations, reading books and verbal skills)

6. Cognitive (memory, problem-solving and thinking skills)

Get ready for the first  time you start school
Education is a key aspect of our center! 
We strive to give each child the tools needed to be prepared for kindergarten  
1. We OFFER Transportation
2. Wipes
3. Diapers- Pull-Ups Formula
4. Tutoring
5. Open 24 hours even Holidays
6. Nutritional meals and snacks
7. Date Night/ Over Night Care (Pajama Party)
8. Plus many more.............

***** Creative Angels Family Child Care Erwin NC is License By the State Of North Carolina*****